ADMIRALTY Guide to ECDIS Audits and Inspections

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Produced by maritime experts at the United​ Kingdom Hydrographic Office​, the ADMIRALTY Guide to Audits and Inspections​ identifies key issues which may be examined during any third-party inspection or audit of on-board ECDIS. This includes a checklist based on the IMO ECDIS carriage requirement and Performance Standards, as well as explanatory notes that can help shipping companies to prepare for and pass ECDIS audits.

​If you would like further information on preparing for ECDIS audits, our ‘Living with ECDIS Seminars’ are also designed to provide guidance on the latest issues relating to digital navigation and  help you ensure your fleet can remain compliant whilst getting the most from their ECDIS.

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