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NOAA wants to stop making NOAA charts

New Bedford, MA – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) plans to cease support for producing the 1,000-plus NOAA charts that millions of boaters use and rely on for safe navigation. NOAA decided to privatize the printing of NOAA paper charts several years ago by certifying private companies to print official NOAA paper charts. […]

New generation of ship voyage planning revealed

Ship operators will be able to optimise voyages and route around bad weather following the release of a new software platform for vessel bridge systems. GNS has introduced the Voyager Hub applications platform that enables vessel owners to enhance safety, improve efficiency and reduce costs. This hub has a suite of applications for ship navigation, […]

Paper charts vs ECDIS, is there still an age divide?

The road to transition from paper charts to ECDIS has been long and at times painful for some. Even now seafarers are attending ECDIS training courses with the mindset that paper is still better than digital. Maybe there is some truth in that, there are certainly plenty of arguments for paper charts; paper will never […]

ADMIRALTY Guide to ECDIS Audits and Inspections

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Produced by maritime experts at the United​ Kingdom Hydrographic Office​, the ADMIRALTY Guide to Audits and Inspections​ identifies key issues which may be examined during any third-party inspection or audit of on-board ECDIS. This includes a checklist based on the IMO ECDIS carriage requirement and Performance Standards, as well as explanatory notes that can help shipping companies to prepare […]

5 Hints and Tips on Chart Purchasing

Choosing the right ECDIS system from the array of types and costs available often feels overwhelming, but it is only half the story.  If you’re considering (or reconsidering) your current Chart Purchasing strategy, try starting with these tips; 1) Be comfortable with the terminology Struggling with the terminology used to describe charts is an industry-wide problem.  […]