New generation of ship voyage planning revealed

Ship operators will be able to optimise voyages and route around bad weather following the release of a new software platform for vessel bridge systems. GNS has introduced the Voyager Hub applications platform that enables vessel owners to enhance safety, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

This hub has a suite of applications for ship navigation, information sharing and more secure integration of data. GNS said it can help protect against cyber threats and helps with the transfer of electronic navigational charts (ENCs) to ship ECDIS.

GNS’s partners created suites of software applications and content ranging from navigation to voyage optimisation to weather and non-navigation related services. “The Voyager Hub ecosystem is harnessing big data and delivering exciting new digitally-led efficiencies and safety improvements to a wide range of stakeholders both ashore and on board,” said GNS chief executive Paul Stanley.

Among these applications, is GNS’s new V-Drive, which simplifies the process of transferring ENCs, ENC updates, permits and route files from the back of bridge computer to the ECDIS while helping to protect against the transfer of malware. Users plug the V-Drive into the USB socket of their computer to transfer files, then plug the V-Drive into the ECDIS USB port to upload the files.

Another application within the hub is the Witherby eBook reader, which provides access to 600 nautical publications, plus information from IMO and industry organisations, such as Intertanko and SIGTTO (Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators). This application has a global search facility that enables ship officers to find the information they need quickly and efficiently and download new editions.

Also on the hub is the Admiralty eBook reader, which provides access to the UK Hydrographic Office’s electronic nautical publication library. There is a choice of weather routeing solutions from companies such as Meteo Group, a tool to manage technical library compliance and an application that generates a passage plan for routes planned using GNS’s Voyager planning station.

The hub enables managers to monitor usage of ENCs purchased via GNS’s Voyager Open Permit pay-as-you-sail and fixed-price bundle services. There is also a tool that checks the cyber health of the back of bridge computer, on which the hub resides, and identifies potential weaknesses and issues.

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